WalkOff Talk Episode 37: Audra Gone Wild (Card)

Episode 37 brings you the first ever official Royals postseason edition of WalkOff Talk! Ben and Audra discuss postseason excitement, postseason joy, and postseason fever. The wild wildcard game, the possibilities in the upcoming ALDS, and more. POSTSEASON POSTSEASON POSTSEASON. The least sad these two have ever been on a show. Maybe. Enjoy! If we’re lucky, the next time you’ll hear us will be for an ALCS show.

WalkOff Talk Episode 22: Dear Lord(e)

In Episode 22, Ben and Audra finally – FINALLY! – get to cut their teeth on regular-season game analysis by dissecting the Royals’ Opening Day loss to the Detroit Tigers. Ben and Audra discuss whose fault it was, or whether it was anyone’s fault. Names that come up in the blame game discussion include: Ned Yost, Greg Holland, Wade Davis, Aaron Crow, Mike Moustakas, Omar Infante, Nori Aoki, and Salvador Perez. The middle segment contains a short bit of history on late Royal Dan Quisenberry. The final segment includes a discussion of pitching roles, more specifically the closer, and whether adherence to tradition is always the best strategy. Ancillary segments include: Who won Ben and Audra’s bet?, Are there spiders in Audra’s uterus?, and Is QuikTrip gasoline inferior quality?

WalkOff Talk: Cray Cray

Join Ben and Audra for the very last episode before the regular season starts! In Episode 21, Ben discusses how the two players he’s been watching this spring are doing (Wade Davis and Alcides Escobar). Spoiler alert: The news isn’t great. Audra enumerates four predictions for the 2014 Royals regarding how she thinks the season will go. There’s one prediction about Lorenzo Cain that really goes out on a limb. In the third segment, they discuss together their predictions of how the AL Central rankings will end up falling at the end of the season, something which they are shockingly pretty much on the same page about. Finally, they wrap it up by talking about some serious currents-events-type drama between two women you may not have heard of yet (that’s how new this news is): Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan.