Triple Play Podcast – Episode 35

This week, we dispense with the other news and focus on the Royals.

We recount the miraculous wild card game and talk and how much it meant to us as fans.

Eric Hosmer has been red hot, but more importantly, he looks like he knows what he is doing.

Mike Moustakas turned in his own heroic post-season performance, belting the go-ahead run (and eventual winning run) in game one of the ALDS. He also showed winning humility by bunting his way past the shift in game two.

The pitching staff has looked excellent and we touch on Jason Vargas’s and Yordano Ventura’s performances.

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WalkOff Talk Episode 37: Audra Gone Wild (Card)

Episode 37 brings you the first ever official Royals postseason edition of WalkOff Talk! Ben and Audra discuss postseason excitement, postseason joy, and postseason fever. The wild wildcard game, the possibilities in the upcoming ALDS, and more. POSTSEASON POSTSEASON POSTSEASON. The least sad these two have ever been on a show. Maybe. Enjoy! If we’re lucky, the next time you’ll hear us will be for an ALCS show.

Triple Play Podcast 33 – Royals

This week we only touch on a few national stories before moving to the Royals. Chris Davis was suspended for 25 games for using Adderall. This was after he bashed players during the steroid era of baseball as illegitimate home run leaders.

We also talk about the apparently invincible Angels, whose offense has been unbelievably tough to stifle. They had a 10 game winning streak in which they scored about 10 runs a game.

The Royals have been playing terrible baseball lately, but they’ve been holding onto a tenuous place in a tight playoff race due mainly to great pitching.

Billy Butler has been benched due to limited production and you can just about write his Royals obituary despite being one of the top ten hitters ever to wear a Kansas City uniform.






Triple Play Podcast 11 – Danny Duffy, Injuries, Angels

Triple Play PodcastThis week we take a long look at the vast number of injuries and how they might affect the playoff race. We also talk about the horrendous Aroldis Chapman head injury scare.

The Royals finally decided what to do with struggling pitcher Danny Duffy, and then undecided and then decided again.

We preview the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and talk about their chances of making the playoffs.