Triple Play Podcast – Episode 35

This week, we dispense with the other news and focus on the Royals.

We recount the miraculous wild card game and talk and how much it meant to us as fans.

Eric Hosmer has been red hot, but more importantly, he looks like he knows what he is doing.

Mike Moustakas turned in his own heroic post-season performance, belting the go-ahead run (and eventual winning run) in game one of the ALDS. He also showed winning humility by bunting his way past the shift in game two.

The pitching staff has looked excellent and we touch on Jason Vargas’s and Yordano Ventura’s performances.

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WalkOff Talk Episode 37: Audra Gone Wild (Card)

Episode 37 brings you the first ever official Royals postseason edition of WalkOff Talk! Ben and Audra discuss postseason excitement, postseason joy, and postseason fever. The wild wildcard game, the possibilities in the upcoming ALDS, and more. POSTSEASON POSTSEASON POSTSEASON. The least sad these two have ever been on a show. Maybe. Enjoy! If we’re lucky, the next time you’ll hear us will be for an ALCS show.

Triple Play Podcast 25 – Injury Extravaganza! Molina, Tanaka, Vargas, Gordon

Hunter’s out, but Matt and Reese talk about injuries to Yadier Molina and Masahiro Tanaka that ended their seasons. We talk about their replacements and how it might affect their seasons.

We bash hard on the Royals roster construction that has robbed the team of depth during their own injuries to Alex Gordon and Jason Vargas.

Kansas City Baseball Vault: Moose, Sample Sizes, and Dressed to the Nines


This week, we were talking about the Royals trip to Seattle and the weird games they ran into in the Pacific Northwest. We also talked about speculation that Mike Moustakas may be sent to Omaha to work on his struggles, including how effective a demotion might be for him, and compared his case to Alex Gordon‘s past.

Then we talked about sample sizes and regression to the mean. It’s early in the year, but a question posed to us by a listener was “when does it stop being a small sample size?”

So we looked at some work by some really smart mathematical guys and came up with an answer: it depends. There are a lot of factors involved and we tried to discuss as many as we could to get closer to a tidy answer.

To finish up, we got an update from Brett Parker, an organizer for Dressed to the Nines, a promotion being pushed in tandem with the Royals’ Salute to the Negro Leagues. Brett talked about the Kansas City businesses helping out, what to expect on Sunday May 18, and what lies ahead.

Also keep your calendar clear for Memorial Day weekend. Our sponsor, Kelly’s Westport Inn, is helping host a block party with their neighbors at McCoy’s on May 25 at 8 p.m. It’s a $5 cover and local band Lost Wax takes the stage at 9:30.


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Episode4 Jimmy Gobble Day

Finally, some news to discuss! But first: Ben and Audra start off the fourth episode by reminding you – the listener – to meet them at Kelly’s at 8pm on December 7. Audra’s working on being a little more professional this week, so – naturally – farting gets brought up. Thoughts and feelings about the Vargas signing are discussed, and then a little Thanksgiving cheer is spread when Ben and Audra each share what Royals-related things they are thankful for. They wrap it up with another Kelly’s reminder and a rousing game of “What’s Ben Drinking?” as they wish you happy holidays and safe travels over the Thanksgiving weekend.