Pine Tar Podcast 10.13.14

David and Clint recap the previous two games of the American League Championship including the terrific play of Lorenzo Cain, Alex Gordon, Kelvin Herrera and Wade Davis.

Also David and Clint preview the rest of the series with the Orioles, talk a bit about which team they would prefer the Royals to face in the World Series and talk a tad about possibilities for next years rotation.

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Triple Play Podcast – Episode 36

The League Championship Series have begun and the Royals are the talk of the baseball world. They took two on the road against the Baltimore Orioles which is the type of performance that has invariably led to a World Series appearance since 1985, when the series changed to a seven game set.

On the other side of the world, the Giants beat the Cardinals behind another sterling appearance by Madison Bumgardner, who extended his scoreless inning streak to a record-setting 26 2/3 in the playoffs.

The Baltimore Orioles extended J.J. Hardy for a 3 year/$40 million contract with a vesting option. We all had reservations about the deal, regardless of the difficult position the Orioles faced.

Then we talk about the Royals. Lorenzo Cain has been a one man defensive highlight real in the playoffs and Mike Moustakas has been a monster bat in the 9-spot. The team is scoring over six runs per game, which was the only piece of the puzzle they were missing.

Yordano Ventura left game two of the ALCS with shoulder tightness. It causes some worry.

Rumors have been flying about a James Shields extension and as much as we love Shields, there might be good reason not to sign him to a five year deal.





Pine Tar Podcast with Scott Magness of the Bird’s Eye View Podcast

Scott Magness of the Bird’s Eye View Podcast joined Clint and David this week to talk about the ALCS matchup between the Royals and Orioles. Some of the interesting players that Scott mentioned include Nelson Cruz, J.J. Hardy, Kevin Gausman and David Lough. Also on this show David and Clint discuss the James Shields contract extension rumors while also giving their final predictions for the ALCS.

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