Royals Pitching Staff Adjustments and Playoff Possibilities


This week, we talked about the demotion of Greg Holland and its impact on the bullpen plus the game of musical chairs taking place with the pitching staff. Appropriately, we recorded during a particularly disastrous Jeremy Guthrie start…

Then we talked about Alex Rios’s hot streak, Kendrys Morales’s huge Sunday, and the depth of the Royals’ lineup this year.

After a break, we checked in on the playoff standings and the potential matchups ahead, including some of the weaknesses the other teams have that make them less scary.

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Triple Play Podcast – Episode 44

This week we talk about the major moves from the Padres in the wake of finalizing their Matt Kemp deal. We also talk about the Nationals and other major moves.

The Royals made a flurry of moves after signing DH Kendrys Morales. They signed free agents Alex Rios, Kris Medlen and Edinson Volquez. We analyze how they’ll affect the Royals in 2015.

Kansas City Baseball Vault: Morales and Rios and Wil – Oh My!


After some winter hibernation, the Royals finally got things going on the transaction front, and we talked about the Royals’ moves to fill out the lineup.

So we compared Kendrys Morales and Billy Butler and the general market for hitters, including the Royals shift from their goal of a floating DH to settling on Morales.

We also discussed Alex Rios and his down 2014. The Royals found themselves with limited options after other teams picked the outfield free agent class clean, but is there still hope for a rebound?

We’ve talked in the past about how the Royals lean towards hoping for improvement rather than what looks like hard analysis, and their offseason moves reflect that.

We wrapped up by discussing the Wil Myers trade rumors. Two years after the Royals dealt him for James Shields, Myers may be on the move again. Is that the market playing out, or is there something about Myers causing another move?

We’ll keep tracking the Royals moves this offseason, including what may be a couple of pitching acquisitions (Jeff thinks a trade is the most likely route; Mike thinks the Royals will fill from free agency). And finally, for anyone interested, Mike gave a real-time review of the Royals-themed beer from Boulevard – Crown Town Ale.

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