Looking Way Too Far Ahead – Opening the post-2017 Window

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If you look at the Royals’ financial commitments past 2017, it’s pretty obvious that a lot of guys on the team today won’t be around two years from now.

Many of the contracts on the team will expire after 2017, so we tried to assess the situation and think of what the fate of the bigger likely-to-depart names might be, weighing the cases of Eric Hosmer, Lorenzo Cain, Mike Moustakas, Alcides Escobar, and Wade Davis, specifically.

Joining Mike this week as guest co-host is Ben Nielsen, formerly of the Walkoff Talk podcast and various KC sports blogs. You can follow him on Twitter at @BenThereBro.

NOTE – Part of the conversation referenced future free agents, comparing current Royals to that crop. Unfortunately, we were going off a list of free agents for the year AFTER this class, which does change the equation a bit, at least so far as comparing potential Royals free agents to other free agents. Cain in particular won’t have as star-studded a cast to contend against when he’s a free agent, and Moustakas won’t have Donaldson or Machado to fend off. To me, the general conclusion is the same – that Moose and Cain are probably most likely to stick and have situations best-suited to find something now if they can – even if the steps to get to that point are slightly different. Thanks to Hunter Samuels for catching our error. The responsible parties have been sacked.

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Kansas City Baseball Vault: All Star Game Election and Watch Party Info


Mark your calendar for July 14 when the Royals invade the All Star Game. We’ll be out at Kelly’s Westport Inn recording a live podcast and talking baseball while Royals fans come out to enjoy a watch party. There will be giveaways and guests and a lot of fun. More information will be posted here: www.facebook.com/events/822763797838454/

The Royals will send a record six players to the 2015 All Star Game after a flood of fan votes and some wicked relief performances.

We talked about the elections of Salvador Perez, Alex Gordon, Lorenzo Cain, and Alcides Escobar to the AL starting lineup, and the relief selections of Kelvin Herrera and Wade Davis. Where do they stand in relation to others at their positions? What happened with the fan voting and what’s next in that process? We talked about it all this week. We also talked about Mike Moustakas as the Final Vote candidate.

And then, on July 14, we get to see all the Royals in the game when we host an All Star Game watch party at Kelly’s Westport Inn. For more information, go to http://www.facebook.com/kansascitybaseballvault.

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Triple Play Podcast 24 – Samardzija, Ibanez, Hosmer, All-Stars

Matt, Hunter and Reese talk about Lou Gehrig for the 75th anniversary of his speech and use the Baseball Reference Play Index to dig up some cool stats about him.

The huge news is that the Oakland Athletics traded two of the games most highly touted prospects, Addison Russell and Billy McKinney, along with Dan Straily and a player to be named later for Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel.

Eric Hosmer has been a trainwreck all the way up to the point we recorded this podcast, then promptly hit 4 extra base hits in the next 4 games. The Royals picked up Raul Ibanez and Scott Downs for some reason. They had better options.

We also talk about Royals All-Stars. Alex Gordon should have started the game. Alcides Escobar was snubbed despite being the best all-around shortstop in the league. Salvador Perez was a lock and Holland got in.

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Kansas City Baseball Vault: The Opener and Keys to 2014


Mike and Jeff talked about the Royals season opener and broke down the loss and shared impressions. It’s only one game…but it was still a game the Royals should have won.

But there’s a lot of season left, and we broke down the opening day roster and looked at a few of the key players, including the importance of Mike Moustakas, the potential of a healthy Lorenzo Cain, and how important this year is to Alcides Escobar.

We also chipped in official win predictions, so if and when we’re incorrect, you can come back and correct us.

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Triple Play Podcast 12 – PEDs, Miggy, Trout, Royals, Predictions

Triple Play PodcastHunter, Matt and Reese argue about the new joint-drug agreement between MLB and the Player’s Association.

They go into detail about the huge new contract extensions for Miguel Cabrera and Mike Trout. Miggy has become the highest paid player in the game and Trout will get out of his contract at 29 in plenty of time to become the highest paid player himself.

They discuss Omar Infante‘s health and Ned Yost‘s insistence on batting Alcides Escobar second.

We give our official predictions for this season’s division winners and playoff victors.

WalkOff Talk: Cray Cray

Join Ben and Audra for the very last episode before the regular season starts! In Episode 21, Ben discusses how the two players he’s been watching this spring are doing (Wade Davis and Alcides Escobar). Spoiler alert: The news isn’t great. Audra enumerates four predictions for the 2014 Royals regarding how she thinks the season will go. There’s one prediction about Lorenzo Cain that really goes out on a limb. In the third segment, they discuss together their predictions of how the AL Central rankings will end up falling at the end of the season, something which they are shockingly pretty much on the same page about. Finally, they wrap it up by talking about some serious currents-events-type drama between two women you may not have heard of yet (that’s how new this news is): Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan.

Pine Tar Podcast Offseason Edition w/ Jeffrey Flanagan of Fox Sports KC

Jeffrey Flanagan informs the Pine Tar Podcast about what the Royals think of Billy Butler, who could win the 5th Starter job and how the Royals could finish in the AL Central. Also plenty of talk about Danny Duffy, Omar Infante, Alcides Escobar, Yordano Ventura and others.

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