WalkOff Talk Episode 31: Happy Endings

In Episode 31, Ben and Audra have lots of exciting news, which they share in the intro. So much news! One of the pieces of news involves a new sponsorship, and if you listen to the show you’ll find out how you can get a discount on a Baseball Reference Play Index subscription. Later on, the Royals winning streak is discussed, as well as their bid for first place in the division over the Tigers. There’s another stat segment in this episode (sponsored by Baseball Reference), centering on K/9 and K%, the advantages of each stat and the difference between them. Ben and Audra each assign a Blow Job of the Week (new feature!), and then Audra shares a fact she learned this week about her favorite book of all time. Thanks to Baseball Reference for sponsoring this episode of WalkOff Talk.

WalkOff Talk Episode 30: Mr. Brightside

The recording of episode 30 was riddled with technical issues, but we fought through them because we’re that committed to bringing you, our loyal listeners, this podcast. This week the focus is the draft. We break down how it works and where the Royals stand with this year’s picks. No analysis on what specific picks they’re looking at or should be looking at, just a structural explanation of what’ll happen. And then, the stat segment is back! This week we’ll discuss FIP and ERA+. Then we’ll close it out with what Audra learned this week, which is politics related.

WalkOff Talk Episode 29: Royal Apathy

Episode 29! Ben and Audra are depressed, so they don’t spend a lot of time with you this week. Join them for a short discussion on what it would take for the Royals to finally fire Dayton Moore (their opinions differ vastly), and then, sandwiching that segment, Audra shares some fun things from her weekend visit to the Louisville Slugger Museum.

WalkOff Talk Episode 28: The Kamler

Episode 28 opens up with some talk about…”lady jam.” Whatever that means. Listen and you may or may not find out.

Ben also discusses his weekend trip to Colorado and Coors Field. Chris Kamler appears as a guest this week, and discusses some of the finer points of umpiring, and whether robots could do a better job than humans. He also discusses some of the media frenzy around the news/non-news about 810 and Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas, and basically whether 810 made news out of nothing. Show closes up with some good ol’-fashioned hemorrhoid discussion.


WalkOff Talk Episode 27: Don’t Stop Us Now

Episode 27 kicks off with some sad news. WalkOff Talk was told this past week that we lost a listener, and we were also told exactly why. So that incident spurred some explanations and clarifications of exactly what our show is about and what we’re trying to do here. After that, there’s a pretty hefty discussion of Mike Moustakas and his complete and utter disappointment as a major league player. After the Moose talk, we switched gears a bit to focus on the NFL drafting of the first openly gay football player, former Mizzou player Michael Sam, which raises the question, Ben says, of when MLB will see its first openly gay player, and what the reaction will be. Finally, we close it up with what Audra learned, which features a riveting discussion of different types of soy sauces (or, actually, just one type – the BEST type). Also, QUEEN.

WalkOff Talk Episode 26: 50 Shades of Royals

Episode 26 is all over the place. Things open up with Audra talking about how her vacation finished up, including making a semi-announcement about her personal life.

As far as the Royals are concerned, discussion topics center around the Danny Duffy/Bruce Chen issue as well as the home run issue (that Ben claims isn’t an issue).

Also, #KnockOnWood that Yordano Ventura doesn’t get hurt.

In the final segment Ben riles Audra up by trolling her about sexism and misogyny, so make sure to catch that last bit because Audra gets pretty ticked.

Beware: All the Matchbox 20 in this episode might make your ears bleed.

WalkOff Talk Episode 24: Game of Rants

Welcome to the Episode of Rant. Ben and Audra are both kinda mad this week about lots of different things, so Episode 24 is a little bit of a grab bag of rants regarding stupid MLB rules (the new catch-transfer rule specifically, and a bit on the neighborhood play), Rany Jazayerli, Steve Physioc being a moron, and the relative mental toughness (or lack thereof) of the players in the Royals organization. Episode 24 was recorded partly during the beginning of Yordano Ventura‘s start against the Astros, so there are a couple of intermittent interruptions based on the fact that they were also trying to pay at least peripheral attention to the game.

WalkOff Talk Episode 23: Be Royal’d

Episode 23 contains so much baseball talk you’ll wonder what happened to WalkOff Talk, the lovable but silly and rather non-basebally podcast you came to know and love during the offseason. Ben and Audra were brimming with discussion ideas this time, following a full week of baseball games and a delayed recording due to them both attending their first Royals game of the season. They tried to keep it focused and concise, and they ended up discussing the perils of Mike Moustakas, the scary (again) Alex Gordon wall collision, and whether Dayton Moore is good at his job (spoiler: he isn’t). Ancillary segments include: Civil War, dogs, and waving.

WalkOff Talk Episode 22: Dear Lord(e)

In Episode 22, Ben and Audra finally – FINALLY! – get to cut their teeth on regular-season game analysis by dissecting the Royals’ Opening Day loss to the Detroit Tigers. Ben and Audra discuss whose fault it was, or whether it was anyone’s fault. Names that come up in the blame game discussion include: Ned Yost, Greg Holland, Wade Davis, Aaron Crow, Mike Moustakas, Omar Infante, Nori Aoki, and Salvador Perez. The middle segment contains a short bit of history on late Royal Dan Quisenberry. The final segment includes a discussion of pitching roles, more specifically the closer, and whether adherence to tradition is always the best strategy. Ancillary segments include: Who won Ben and Audra’s bet?, Are there spiders in Audra’s uterus?, and Is QuikTrip gasoline inferior quality?