WalkOff Talk Episode 41: Audra’s Getting Hitched

*Editorial Note: This is a late post, obviously spring training is over. We neglected to post upon publication, so this is for posterity. Apologies for any confusion.*

In Episode 41, Ben and Audra get silly about Audra’s upcoming wedding during the first half, but the second half is all-serious, all-Royals, all-spring-training. No Tim Collins discussion because that news had not yet broken at the time of recording. Happy nuptials and cheers for love and all that. We’re ready for spring training to be over.

WalkOff Talk Episode 40: Return of the Talk

Betcha thought we were gone, didntja? Well, we’re not! WalkOff Talk is back with Episode 40! This is a short one, since a) it’s the offseason and b) we’re just getting you used to the sweet sound of our bickering voices again. But hey, Salvy and the Royals pitchers report to Surprise in a week, and we’re excited that baseball will soon be back. Listen to our short episode to hear a quick recap of the Royals’ off-season moves, Ben and Audra’s feelings about the upcoming season, and, of course, the silliness without which no episode would be complete. Thanks for sticking around even though you thought we might be dead. We’re excited to share the 2015 Royals season with you!

WalkOff Talk Episode 38: On to the Next One

Episode 38 includes a short “OMG WTF IS GOING ON” recap of the ALDS. Then the meat of the episode is a discussion of the upcoming ALCS. This was recorded before the ALCS began; sorry it’s out after 2 games have been played, but most (if not all) of the content is still relevant. Royals excitement, Orioles speculation, in-game strategy analysis, predictions, etc. Have a listen before Game 3!

WalkOff Talk Episode 37: Audra Gone Wild (Card)

Episode 37 brings you the first ever official Royals postseason edition of WalkOff Talk! Ben and Audra discuss postseason excitement, postseason joy, and postseason fever. The wild wildcard game, the possibilities in the upcoming ALDS, and more. POSTSEASON POSTSEASON POSTSEASON. The least sad these two have ever been on a show. Maybe. Enjoy! If we’re lucky, the next time you’ll hear us will be for an ALCS show.

WalkOff Talk Episode 36: Blowin’ It

Episode 36 opens with the old familiar “let’s make Audra look over-sexualized and crazy,” just like old times. You’re welcome. After that, though… The Royals are down to crunchtime, and they’re blowing it. Why? What’s behind the breakdown? We’re not sure, but we’re sure we want to discuss it. We also talk Danny Duffy, and Dayton Moore’s trade deadline silence. Do the Royals have what it takes to get to the playoffs, or will they find out that they used everything they had to get there, and that they’re out of gas? Are the Royals even all that good, really? These are all questions we discuss over the course of this episode. In the third segment we talk about Eric Hosmer, how he doesn’t deserve to be on the field right now, and why he is. Why Billy Butler’s on the bench completely, rather than going back to DH. Why, in the middle of a pennant race, the managerial decisions being made are being made. Are the Royals, as a team, mentally capable of getting all the way to playoffs? Seeing a trend here… Stay tuned for the Blow Job of the Week and the What Audra Learned segment. See ya next time!

WalkOff Talk Episode 35: Hoz, Man

Episode 35 is brought to you exclusively by the state of Kansas. Missouri had no involvement this time. Before getting into the baseball-y meat of things, Audra discusses her new dog. Ben discusses his new career opportunities and aspirations. In the feature segment, Ben and Audra discuss the imminent return of Eric Hosmer, what implications that has for the team, and whether he deserves to automatically reclaim his starting role. Ben blows at bringing you the Blow Job of the Week, and then they share their respective Blow Jobs of the Week. To close it out, Audra has a stupid and pointless story disguised as the “what-she-learned” segment. And, if you really love the Royals, make sure to listen to the very end, because #DennyMatthews.

WalkOff Talk Episode 34: First Place Is Best Place!

After a long break, WalkOff Talk is back! Ben and Audra return with Episode 34 just in time to discuss the first-place Kansas City Royals, as well as the Korea-to-Kansas-City visit from their good-luck charm, Sung Woo Lee. Don’t miss Ben and Audra’s respective Blow Jobs of the Week, and what Audra learned this week (baseball-related) might be new to you too. Truncated show this week, but we’re planning to be back next week, and every week thereafter until another act of God keeps us away for a month (like, you know, Thanksgiving or something). Enjoy the show!

WalkOff Talk Episode 33: Dog Days of Ben

In Episode 33, play a fun game with Ben & Audra called “Find the Intro Segment!” Discussion topics this week include: Injury/out-of-commission update (Vargas, Moustakas, Gordon, Aoki). What is the answer for the Royals outfield? What might the Royals be looking to do as the trade deadline approaches? Alex Gordon is out of the All-Star Game; is Salvador Perez going to stay healthy, and will starting in the ASG hurt his chances of unnecessary injury? Stay tuned for BJOTW at 38:20 and then follow that up with what Audra learned this week (hint: it’s a cool new vocab word!).

WalkOff Talk Episode 32: Crown Royal

Join Ben and Audra for a truncated Episode 32, wherein they talk about why they were away last week (if you can read between the lines, anyway), and why the show is going to be so short this week. In summation, life is rough, especially for Ben. In a hodgepodge of a Royals segment, they discuss the Raul Ibanez signing and the options and questions it poses for the outfield roster plans, as well as a few other odds and ends (the Royals doing somewhat well and somehow getting wins despite still having what tends to be more often than not a lifeless offense). They close it up by discussing cars and cell phones and data plans (all this being the “what we learned” umbrella.) Stay tuned to find out how to get a Baseball Reference Play Index subscription discount and to hear Ben’s and Audra’s respective picks for the new mini-segment, Blow Job of the Week. Enjoy the shortened episode. Regular programming will be back with a vengeance next week.