Pine Tar Podcast

David Lesky
David Lesky

The Pine Tar Podcast was founded by Clint Scoles and David Lesky of Pine Tar Press during the

Clint Scoles
Clint Scoles

2012 baseball season. On the podcast, Clint and David talk about the latest Royals news from draft rumors all the way to big league happenings. They interview local and national media as well as players, coaches and others from the Royals organization and around baseball in general.

Clint brings an in depth knowledge of the Royals farm system while David follows the big league club closer than anyone not getting paid to do so should. But they both know the other’s business all too well, so when you combine the two, you get a podcast that knows the Royals inside and out. Throughout the season, the two will break down Royals baseball. In the off-season, they’ll break down signings, potential signings and season previews. Year round, they give their opinions on everything. That’s the Pine Tar Podcast.

Follow David @DBLesky and Clint @ClintScoles

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