Step Back From That Ledge My Friend: On the Royals’ Four Game Skid and Panic


We recorded this week’s episode as the Royals were seeking to snap a four game skid that sent the fanbase into an anxious frenzy.

We talked about a few of the legitimate concerns, but also wanted to point out the big picture: a talented team with a big division lead, with the calendar getting shorter every day.

In the past, the Royals rebounded strongly after four game losing streaks and we looked at the potential for that trend to continue (and after we finished recording, the Royals did snap the four game losing streak and all was well).

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During last week’s episode we told you about the Royals Twitter Kickball event on September 19. As a reminder, more info is on our post here or at Darin Watson at Pine Tar Press also wrote something about this event that benefits the Bishop Sullivan Center.

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Michael Engel

Used to blog about the Royals, now just podcast about them. I used to be a Bob Hamelin fan, too. Oops.

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