Some KC Baseball Vault Updates

If you’ve followed this particular site for any length of time, you’ve surely noticed that we started off with a quartet of Royals shows forming what we liked to call the Royals Podcast Network.

Well situations change and the other shows are on hiatus or not recording at least, but we’re still here. So you’ve probably noticed the title page and such have changed to reflect this shift. Our Soundcloud feed did so as well, and episodes feeding through Stitcher should be showing up labeled as “Kansas City Baseball Vault.”

The other shows may return at some time and we’ll gladly help spread their thoughts through this site just as we did in the past, but for now, you’re stuck with just Jeff and I.

So that’s the first update.

The second update is pretty cool. We’re back on iTunes!

You may remember that back in May 2014, there were a number of baseball podcast feeds taken down from iTunes due to references to specific teams or use of logos, etc. Well we were part of that purge and after some emails, we’re finally back.

There are two ways to find us on iTunes. First, you can go here and view in your iTunes. You can subscribe from there. You can also search “Kansas City Baseball Vault” in the iTunes store. We’re (for now) the show without a logo up (working on meeting Apple’s image size requirements. The other KC Baseball Vault is an older feed from our days doing the show on 1510 ESPN. You want the one on the left, that the poorly drawn arrow is pointing at.


Of course, you can also follow the podcast on SoundCloud or via Stitcher depending on your podcast app of choice.

We’ve also begun a trial period as an affiliate of Draft Kings. You’ve probably seen the commercials, but if you’re the type to get into fantasy games, Draft Kings is a great place to play. They offer daily fantasy games where you can submit lineups in multiple contests for a chance at prizes. You just pick your lineup, stay under a salary cap, and let the games begin. Draft Kings has MLB, NFL, MMA, Golf, NASCAR, Soccer, College football, college basketball and NHL contests every day with many free of charge and some starting as low as a quarter.

To sign up through us, you can click the link here or the banner below:

Finally, just want to remind you of the charity kickball game coming up. The #RoyalsTwitterFamily Kickball Classic on September 19. The afterparty will be at Kelly’s Westport Inn where we’ll also watch the Royals game.

As always, you can follow the Kansas City Baseball Vault on Twitter and Facebook. You can follow the show’s host, Jeff Herr, at @TheJeffReport, and you can follow myself at @michaelengel. You can also email us any time at kansascitybaseballvault at

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Michael Engel

Used to blog about the Royals, now just podcast about them. I used to be a Bob Hamelin fan, too. Oops.

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