WalkOff Talk Episode 35: Hoz, Man

Episode 35 is brought to you exclusively by the state of Kansas. Missouri had no involvement this time. Before getting into the baseball-y meat of things, Audra discusses her new dog. Ben discusses his new career opportunities and aspirations. In the feature segment, Ben and Audra discuss the imminent return of Eric Hosmer, what implications that has for the team, and whether he deserves to automatically reclaim his starting role. Ben blows at bringing you the Blow Job of the Week, and then they share their respective Blow Jobs of the Week. To close it out, Audra has a stupid and pointless story disguised as the “what-she-learned” segment. And, if you really love the Royals, make sure to listen to the very end, because #DennyMatthews.

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Audra Claire

I love to read. I love to write. And I love to write about what I'm reading. I also have other thoughts.

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