Kansas City Baseball Vault: First Place Redux, Trades, and Superfan SungWoo Lee


After a week off so Jeff could get married (likely excuse), we returned to catchup from the trade deadline and to marvel about the now FIRST PLACE Kansas City Royals.

We discussed the hot streak, the resurgence of some key players, and looked ahead at the Royals’ schedule, as well as that of the Tigers.

We also talked about SungWoo Lee (@Koreanfan_KC), the Korean Superfan who visited Kansas City this week and basically captivated the entire Royals fanbase.

Music provided by The Latenight Callers – thelatenightcallers.com. If you have a band or know a band and want to be featured on the Vault, let us know:

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Published by

Michael Engel

Used to blog about the Royals, now just podcast about them. I used to be a Bob Hamelin fan, too. Oops.

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