WalkOff Talk Episode 31: Happy Endings

In Episode 31, Ben and Audra have lots of exciting news, which they share in the intro. So much news! One of the pieces of news involves a new sponsorship, and if you listen to the show you’ll find out how you can get a discount on a Baseball Reference Play Index subscription. Later on, the Royals winning streak is discussed, as well as their bid for first place in the division over the Tigers. There’s another stat segment in this episode (sponsored by Baseball Reference), centering on K/9 and K%, the advantages of each stat and the difference between them. Ben and Audra each assign a Blow Job of the Week (new feature!), and then Audra shares a fact she learned this week about her favorite book of all time. Thanks to Baseball Reference for sponsoring this episode of WalkOff Talk.

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Audra Claire

I love to read. I love to write. And I love to write about what I'm reading. I also have other thoughts.

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