Triple Play Podcast 21 – Polanco, Tigers, Surging Royals, Prospects

Hunter, Matt and Reese talk about the falling Detroit Tigers and the surging Royals. They are having tons of trouble at shortstop. The division is scrunched together and still a very tight race.

The Royals are hitting well, pitching well and they have great, gold glove defense all over the field. Danny Duffy has found some consistency and he’s limiting his pitch count. Moustakas has been average, Alex Gordon should be an MVP candidate, Escobar is on another hot streak.

We talk about how strong center field is in the National League. There are four center-fielders with above 140 wRC+.

We talk about some Royals prospects that have earned a promotion–Hunter Dozier, Christian Binford and Orlando Calixte.


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