Triple Play Podcast 19 – Kluber, Shields, Valencia, & the “War on WAR”

With Matt away on a super-secret mission, Hunter and Reese talk about Josh Beckett’s no-hitter and how cool they are.

Even though many people are calling Corey Kluber an “Ace,” Hunter and Reese take exception to the title. As soon as his strikeouts start falling, he’ll be in big trouble, especially in front of the Indians’ laughably bad defense.

Boston Globe’s Bob Ryan wrote a curmudgeony, unoriginal, attack against statheads in his new “War on WAR.” Hunter and Reese dismantle his opinions.

On the Royals front, they talk about James Shields, who can make a strong case to be considered an “Ace.” Also, Danny Valencia probably won’t continue his current level of production and the Royals will need a real solution at 3B now that Moose is in Omaha.

Finally, we introduce a segment about stats and tackle wRC+ to help people understand what numbers we use and why we use them.


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