WalkOff Talk Episode 27: Don’t Stop Us Now

Episode 27 kicks off with some sad news. WalkOff Talk was told this past week that we lost a listener, and we were also told exactly why. So that incident spurred some explanations and clarifications of exactly what our show is about and what we’re trying to do here. After that, there’s a pretty hefty discussion of Mike Moustakas and his complete and utter disappointment as a major league player. After the Moose talk, we switched gears a bit to focus on the NFL drafting of the first openly gay football player, former Mizzou player Michael Sam, which raises the question, Ben says, of when MLB will see its first openly gay player, and what the reaction will be. Finally, we close it up with what Audra learned, which features a riveting discussion of different types of soy sauces (or, actually, just one type – the BEST type). Also, QUEEN.

Published by

Audra Claire

I love to read. I love to write. And I love to write about what I'm reading. I also have other thoughts.

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