WalkOff Talk Episode 24: Game of Rants

Welcome to the Episode of Rant. Ben and Audra are both kinda mad this week about lots of different things, so Episode 24 is a little bit of a grab bag of rants regarding stupid MLB rules (the new catch-transfer rule specifically, and a bit on the neighborhood play), Rany Jazayerli, Steve Physioc being a moron, and the relative mental toughness (or lack thereof) of the players in the Royals organization. Episode 24 was recorded partly during the beginning of Yordano Ventura‘s start against the Astros, so there are a couple of intermittent interruptions based on the fact that they were also trying to pay at least peripheral attention to the game.

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Audra Claire

I love to read. I love to write. And I love to write about what I'm reading. I also have other thoughts.

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