Triple Play Podcast

Triple Play Podcast 14 – Gyorko, Brewers, Rosters, Physioc

Triple Play PodcastThis week we had such a good time recording that we took a page from WalkOff Talk’s book and added additional material during the breaks.

We start off this week talking about the Blue Jays injuries to their infield woes. It might be a good move for the Jays to talk to the Royals about acquiring Johnny Giavotella. We praise Jedd Gyorko‘s contract extension. We also talk about the Brewers’ hot start.

When we talk about the Royals, we didn’t have any choice but to be slightly depressed. They have a ton of issues and we talk especially talk about their continued problems with roster usage. We focus on Billy Butler‘s struggles as well.

Reese rants about Steve Physioc’s incredibly silly comments during a broadcast.

Music by Slowdance.

Reese @deviator77
Matt @DrTokuBall
Hunter @HunterSamuels

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