Kelly’s Westport Inn and The Kansas City Baseball Vault Present: April 2014 Royals Frustrations

To distract ourselves (momentarily) from the Royals’ awful series in Minnesota, we opened the show by talking about Royals fandom, loyalty, and some silly comments from Steve Physioc about social media.

But we couldn’t stall forever and had to address some concerns – the offense, the bullpen. Players we thought should be fine who aren’t, and players we feared would be awful who are – so far – still awful. It’s not all bad, though. We talked about the bright spots in the early season as well, like the start from Jason Vargas, and Sal Perez’s solid hitting.

We compared being a Royals fan to being a Marlins fan, the Royals offseason and payroll standing, Billy Butler‘s early struggles and some of the flack against him. We let it all flow out so the fan pain wouldn’t be so real.

Finally, Troy shared what’s next for the show and for him and we looked back at just a few of the early moments of the podcast’s run. We’ll still be around as usual, but there are changes ahead.

Share your thoughts with us – have a correction? Disagree? Want to lavish praise upon us and help our ego? Contact us at or on Twitter at @KCBaseballVault.

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