Royals Sixth Inning Song Bracket Playlist

For years, the Royals have had Garth Brooks lead the Kauffman Stadium crowd (via CrownVision) with a version of “Friends in Low Places”, a ghastly song choice.

This year, they’re at least playing along as if they want to replace it, and to do so, they’ll put it to a vote. Over the course of the first two months of the season, fans voting in Kauffman Stadium will whittle 32 selections down to one winner.

So here’s a playlist on Spotify:

You’ll notice that FILP is still in the bracket, so there’s a chance it could run the gauntlet and remain the sixth inning song, but it’s also matched up with an ironic favorite “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey. Rigged? Maybe, but the bracket’s songs are listed in alphabetical order, rather than any traditional seeding method.

And, because there are various rights issues with Spotify for some artists, the only versions available of Friends in Low Places (as well as the three Beatles selections) are cover bands, so here are Youtube videos to give you the original flavors.

My favorite would probably be Minnie the Moocher for old times’ sake, and I’d rather it not be version of Kansas City by the Beatles, since that’s fun to listen to after home wins. Anything but Garth, though. Anything.

Published by

Michael Engel

Used to blog about the Royals, now just podcast about them. I used to be a Bob Hamelin fan, too. Oops.

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