WalkOff Talk: For The Love Of Salvy

In Episode 20 (NOT Episode 21, as Audra introduces it to begin with), things start off with a rather optimistic announcement of (hoped for) pending nuptials. The participants probably aren’t whom you think (unless you’re addicted to the @WalkOffTalk Twitter account and you already know). Ben and Audra bandy back and forth for far too long about the reality or fantasy of these supposed nuptials. If you’re here for the silliness, this week’s intro segment was recorded just for you. If you’re here for the baseball, though, don’t worry. There’s plenty of that too. Audra updates listeners on the progress of the two players she’s been watching all Spring Training, Mike Moustakas (looking pretty good), and Yordano Ventura (officially named to the Royals starting rotation as of this week!). Another short show this week. We’re just trying to get you through the dying days of Spring Training. One more podcast before real baseball begins. The show closes out with Audra sharing the new vocabulary word she learned this week.

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