WalkOff Talk: Be Prepared

In Episode 19, Ben and Audra wanted to get a bit of a feel for how the Royals are viewed by other baseball fans – some objective perspective, if you will. So they asked respected A’s fan and Twitter friend David Spencer (@oakfaninva) to come on and discuss some of the key differences between the A’s and the Royals, and Billy Beane and Dayton Moore. What Dave shares is pretty interesting, especially where Billy Beane is concerned. David is also a pitching coach, so Audra asked him to discuss the Duffy/Ventura competition for the Royals’ fifth starting rotation spot. Short show this week because Ben and Audra didn’t feel like they could match the greatness of the Spencer interview with any of their own stuff, so they left off talking a little about Ron Santo, whom Audra learned about this week. Enjoy. See ya next week!

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