Camp Cuts, Dreaming on Pitching, and Bullpen Chatter


We had a lot to cover this week and jumped right into talking about the first cuts of camp, including sending John Lamb, Chris Dwyer, Kyle Zimmer, and others to minor league camp. None of the cuts were that surprising, but some – like Dwyer and perhaps Zimmer – may end up in the majors sooner than later.

That led us to dreaming a bit on the pitching prospects in this wave. Buoyed by impressive scouting reports on Sean Manaea, and a strong start for Yordano Ventura, we tried to project a Royals rotation for next year and beyond.

Then Troy talked about his trip to Surprise and what he saw from Lane Adams, Jason Adam, and Lorenzo Cain.

We shifted gears to talk about Luke Hochevar‘s UCL tear and resulting decision to undergo Tommy John surgery. As a result of losing Hochevar, Wade Davis shifts to the bullpen, and we talked about his viability there. Speaking of the bullpen, we talked about the strange hate for Kelvin Herrera by a chunk of Royals fans, Kansas City fandom, and David Glass – all the good KC topics.

BONUS: Since the whole Ervin Santana saga has unfolded very much like a soap opera, Mike imagined what would happen if it was reported like a 1930’s radio serial drama. Santana reportedly came to agreement with Atlanta on Wednesday morning, ending our long national nightmare.

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Michael Engel

Used to blog about the Royals, now just podcast about them. I used to be a Bob Hamelin fan, too. Oops.

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