Triple Play Podcast

Triple Play Podcast: Episode 3

With Matt on the DL, Hunter and Reese discuss the newly adopted instant replay rules, what they like, what they don’t. They also talk about the soon-to-be-banned catcher collisions and why it’s good for the game.

Tanaka signed with the (surprise, surprise) New York Yankees for 7 years and $155 million. It partially set off a chain reaction that saw Matt Garza sign with the Brewers for less than expected. Ervin Santana’s asking price finally fell, and could possibly fall even further, to a level where the Royals could re-enter negotiations with him.

Hunter and Reese also review ZiPS projections for the Royals and compare them to their own preconceptions.

They continue their season preview of the AL Central by checking out the Twins. They talk a bit about their strong young rookies as well as bag on their pitching rotation.

Hunter @HunterSamuels
Matt @DrTokuBall
Reese @Deviator77

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