Kelly’s Westport Inn and The Kansas City Baseball Vault Present: Welcome to 2014

Producers note: Sorry about the lateness. I think I have the problems resolved.

We played catch up on the latest Vault. After a break that included a few holidays, a Royalman wedding, and well, not a lot of Royals news, we were back at it.

Troy and Mike discussed a couple of minor league signings and sized up the backup catcher spot (which is probably Ramon Hernandez’s to lose now that he’s signed a minor league deal), and also talked about Jason Donald and some utility infield options.

The Royals announced their non-roster invitees, and we covered the group, focusing on the fun prospect names involved. Kyle Zimmer will get some looks, but does he have a shot to make the team? Jorge Bonifacio will be in camp with his brother, but how far away is he from the bigs? And then we talked about Jason Adam and talked about potential career arcs for him. Obviously, he’s one of our favorites on the show, but we took a realistic look at what he might offer as a starter once he makes it to the big leagues.

And we also talked about the Hall of Fame, the sanctity of the vote, and some names that just missed that really shouldn’t have.

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