WalkOff Talk: Episode of Bleep

Episode 11 has a few surprises, including a fun game called, “Did Audra say a cuss word? And if so, which one?” as well as Story Time with Audra’s Past Love Lives. In the meat of the episode, though, Ben and Audra discuss the Jeremy Guthrie contract restructure, and their ideas about why the Royals might have made such an uncommon decision this late in the offseason. Second, great news! WalkOff Talk now has its own Twitter, where you can keep up with every episode that gets released, so give @WalkOffTalk a follow and listen to us co-write our very first tweet. The Stat Chat this week covers UZR, and we apologize for all the Jeff Francoeur and Chris Getz talk it bred. The show closes up with some news about Norm from “Cheers.”

*Bonus* Ben can’t say Norichika Aoki.
*Second Bonus* Ben is SO white. And we are sorry for that. (Not that Audra isn’t so white. Ben’s just worse.)
*Third Bonus* Ben learned how to use a bleep so the show can stay family-friendly.

FIND/CONTACT US (but don’t be creepy)

Ben: @bdn723
Audra: @audra_marvin
WalkOffTalk: @WalkOffTalk
Email: walkofftalk@gmail.com

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