Kelly’s Westport Inn Presents The Kansas City Baseball Vault 12 3 2013

Note from Troy: This show has its demons. We apologize that it isn’t as good of quality as we like.

“We threw together a live show last week during what turned out to be one of the busier transaction days in recent years. The big story of the day was the Carlos Beltran Kansas City visit, and while rumors of a three year, $48 million offer to the outfielder swirled, the easy connection was that the Royals were offering him a deal.

Of course, by now, he’s going to the Yankees, but we compared Beltran to other outfielders on the market and the implications of the roster had he signed. We talked about Billy Butler’s trade value and what kind of options the Royals would have with him around. There’s still a few outfielders out there, and the Royals may make a move yet (following up on the Norichika Aoki acquisition), so Butler could still be on the move.”

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