Kelly’s Westport Inn and The Kansas City Baseball Vault Present: Jason Adam and Brian Polberg 2013

We opened the show with a discussion of the news that Ervin Santana is seeking a five-year, $100 million contract this offseason and tried to answer the question of where the Royals fit into those demands and what the market might really end up looking like. We compared his contract to others, and discussed it more as a negotiation ploy than what the final number will be.

Then we talked about the lack of activity so far. Dayton Moore has usually made a trade shortly after the World Series but so far, he hasn’t made that move. Maybe this is a lesson learned after moving before the market settles itself? We also talked about Gold Gloves, team defense, and Kauffman Stadium as attractive perks to potential free agents.

From there, we talked about the George Brett incident involving an autograph hound and what it means for Brett’s legacy (if anything) and the strangeness of the whole thing.

We also got a hold of Jason Adam to get his thoughts on his 2013 season, the Arizona Fall League, baseball roommates, and what the next steps are for him.

Finally, on the end, you’ll hear audio shared with us by Lee Warren of from the announcement of Brian Poldberg as new manager of the Omaha Storm Chasers. A big thank you goes out to Lee for sharing this with us.

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