Ben and Audra’s 1st show !

Jeff, Mike and Troy would like to welcome Ben Nielson (That’s his last name!) and Audra Marvin to the family! Audra and Ben are the 1st recruits in an expanding KCBBV family and they do us proud in their 1st episode.
Join Ben Nielsen and Audra Marvin as they both lose their Royals podcasting virginity on a new Kansas City Baseball Vault spinoff. Ben is the “expert,” Audra is the fan, and they both have lots of Royals opinions. In this first episode, they discuss the 2013 Royals season, the meaning of the advanced stat RE24, Eric Hosmer’s relative intelligence, Phil Hughes’s beard potential, and Xanga (remember Xanga?!).
What did you think? Email us and let us know! The KCBBV is expanding and if you would like to be a host, email the show at explaining why you’d be a good host!

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