Kelly’s Westport Inn and the Kansas City Baseball Vault Present: Kevin Scobee

The Royals have been unable to develop much starting pitching with Dayton Moore in charge, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t bright spots. To talk pitching, we brought on Kevin Scobee, former Park University pitcher and former instructor at Regal Athletic, to discuss the evolution of pitcher training and philosophy, specifically focusing on how it relates to the Royals and prospects Kyle Zimmer, Danny Duffy, and others.

We also talked about Duffy and Twitter specifically. Duffy’s been one of the more active Royals players on Twitter and sometimes it’s caused some furor with followers. We got into what his involvement there might mean for expectations from fans and what to expect for him in the future.
This was recorded before the 9 game win streak in late July. New Episodes coming after August 10th, 2013

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