Kelly’s Westport Inn and the Kansas City Baseball Vault Present: Post ASG Frustrations 2013

In the first show after the All-Star Break, we discussed the All-Star Game and the Royals involved, noting the novelty of seeing three Royals in the game at once and Sal Perez’s special moments.

But then it was back to normal, as we talked about the Royals series win over Detroit, but moreso about their odds of contending the rest of the year. There are significant issues with the offense and the pitching staff is starting to fall back as well. It doesn’t look good.

Then we discussed the potential of trading Ervin Santana and what he might return, what the Royals gain by possibly keeping him through the rest of the year, and what the Matt Garza deal means for what they should be looking to gain.

We also recorded a segment with Kevin Scobee that will air next week while the whole KCBBV crew is in the middle of some moving and relocation (a purely freak coincidence). The segment touched on Kyle Zimmer‘s potential relative to his draft class, his mechanics, the Royals approach to pitching development, advanced pitching training, Danny Duffy, and some other nonsense, so keep an eye out for that in a week.

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