Kelly’s Westport Inn and The Kansas City Baseball Vault Present: Aaron Stilley

After a long winter, baseball is finally back, and after a week off, we’re back talking about the Royals. We gave our first impressions about the first four games of the season and discussed any performances we’re worried about yet (stressing that it’s only four games so far).

We talked about the reactions on social media, both positive and negative, and everyone agreed that there was a lot of overreaction to the Royals first two losses of the year. There’s a lot more baseball to go, and it’s satisfying to project how things will go, and even more so to be right about it, but there’s a point where it cuts into the enjoyment of the game.

Then we brought on Aaron Stilley (@Royal_Heritage) who talked about an upcoming talk he’s giving at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum about Jackie Robinson and the Kansas City Monarchs. The event is April 13 at 10:30 am. Aaron can also be found at his blog:

We finished off with a wraparound of the Royals minor league affiliates, with some games in progress. Add this after the first sentence of the last paragraph:

In the process, we talked about Bubba Starling and how likely it is that he’ll pan out or if he’ll start looking at other avenues if he struggles this year or down the line.

That will be a regular feature of the show from here on.

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