Kelly’s Westport Inn and The Kansas City Baseball Vault Present: Bob Dutton

Bob Dutton has been covering the Royals to some extent since 1987 and became the primary beat writer covering them for the Kansas City Star in 2003. He’s seen his share of bad Royals baseball and, on occasion, some good as well.

Dutton took some time out of his schedule to talk with us at the Kansas City Baseball Vault about the Royals in 2013. We made sure to nail down who’s going to play right field, asked about the fifth starter spot and sought insight into the 2012 struggles of Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas. We also checked on the status of some prospects who might make it to Kansas City in 2013 including Yordano Ventura and Kyle Zimmer. We also talked about the second base battle and factors in the search for a utility infielder.

We finished off with some hypotheticals about what might happen if Kansas City is near the playoff hunt later in the year.

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