Pine Tar Podcast 17.0 w: JJ Cooper and Sam Mellinger

0 – 19:25 – Answer the email question, reviewing possible trades.

19:25 – 45:49 – KC Star’s Sam Mellinger @mellinger discusses David Glass and possible Free Agent signings and trades.

“If he (Hosmer) is what he was in 2012 then this whole thing is screwed.”

45:49 – 1:02:05 – David and Clint quickly discuss the Ryan Dempster and James Shields rumors.

1:02:05 – 1:44:04 – Baseball America’s JJ Cooper @jjcoop36 reviews the Royals pitching development, Top prospects and Rule 5 Possibilities.

“If you told me a year from now Raul Mondesi is going to be one of the Top 25 prospects in the game I wouldn’t be stunned.”

1:44:04 to Finish – Show wrap up

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