Pine Tar Podcast 10.0 w/ Rany Jazayerli

0 – 3:10 Intro

3:10 – 19:25 Rany Jazayerli of @jazayerli on spending in the offseason – “My suspicion is we’ll see them grudgingly increase the payroll 10 to 15 million at most, add one big contract that isn’t as big as we like.”

19:25 – 56:50 David and Clint discuss the Starlin Castro contract compared to Alcides Escobar and more.

56:50 – 1:20:30 – J.P. Breen of @JP_Breen on the Brewers trying to acquire pitching in the offseason – “Do they try to get Zack Greinke?” “Is he willing to sign there if they spend a bit more?”

1:20:30 – 1:30:10 – David and Clint wrap up the show

1:30:10 – End – NotRex

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