Triple Play Podcast July 30

Triple Play Podcast – Episode 27: Trade Talk

This week we talk about trades and acquisitions. The Red Sox traded Jake Peavy to the Giants for Edwin Escobar and Heath Hembree to supplement their rotation that is suffering without Matt Cain. A.J. Pierzenski agreed to a deal with the Cardinals, despite having a superior catcher in George Kottaras. Clearly no one likes Kottaras […]

Pine Tar Podcast Logo 2 July 30

Pine Tar Podcast with Jim Callis of

Jim Callis talked with the Pine Tar Podcast about the Brady Aiken draft signing debacle, Mark Appel‘s development and perception of the Houston Astros around the league. He also discussed the Royals Top 20 prospects and the process that goes into creating the MLB Top 100. Also on this episode Lexington Legends broadcaster Keith Elkins […]

KC Baseball Vault July 29

Kansas City Baseball Vault: Talking Trade and Answering Your Questions

This week, we talked about the blockbuster Danny Valencia deal, the Royals weekend success and a look at the playoff picture, and also brought up some trade targets and the likelihood of the Royals making a move. We also answered your questions – questions about life, baseball, the Royals. Topics included Soda vs. Pop, backup […]

KC Baseball Vault July 23

Kansas City Baseball Vault: On Buying, Selling, and Royals Therapy

We recorded as the Royals were trying to find their first win of the second half, and the month-long plummet from first place to below-.500 had taken its toll. So Jeff and Mike winged it, talking about player development, run scoring approaches, buying or selling at the deadline, the lineage of Royals GMs, and what […]

Triple Play Podcast July 22

Triple Play Podcast 26 – Brady Aiken, Hosmer, Top-50 Prospects

Hunter Matt and Reese talk about the situation with Brady Aiken and the Houston Astros. What a mess. They get into Royals talk and hit several subjects. Hosmer is hitting well. The Royals may want to upgrade at one of the weaker hitting positions, if possible. Or not. They’re dangerously close to being out of […]

Pine Tar Podcast Logo 3 July 21

Pine Tar Podcast with Asst. GM J.J. Picollo 7.20.14

A new format to the Pine Tar Podcast after a week off. This week David and Clint talked with JJ Picollo about player development in the Royals system. When does the organization know when a player is ready for the next level and they view a few players within the organization. A few players that […]

KC Baseball Vault July 17

Kansas City Baseball Vault: First Half Thoughts and the Ballad of Billy Butler

After a week off, we got caught up by talking about the Royals first half and some of the key positives and nega—areas for improvement. We also got sidetracked talking about Salvador Perez’s contract. Then we brought back Troy Olsen for a discussion of Billy Butler – why he’s struggled, what expectations are placed upon […]

Triple Play Podcast July 17

Triple Play Podcast 25 – Injury Extravaganza! Molina, Tanaka, Vargas, Gordon

Hunter’s out, but Matt and Reese talk about injuries to Yadier Molina and Masahiro Tanaka that ended their seasons. We talk about their replacements and how it might affect their seasons. We bash hard on the Royals roster construction that has robbed the team of depth during their own injuries to Alex Gordon and Jason […]

Walkoff Talk Orange July 14

WalkOff Talk Episode 33: Dog Days of Ben

In Episode 33, play a fun game with Ben & Audra called “Find the Intro Segment!” Discussion topics this week include: Injury/out-of-commission update (Vargas, Moustakas, Gordon, Aoki). What is the answer for the Royals outfield? What might the Royals be looking to do as the trade deadline approaches? Alex Gordon is out of the All-Star […]

Pine Tar Podcast Logo 3 July 10

Pine Tar Podcast 7.9.14

David and Clint don’t have a guest this week but that doesn’t mean the show can’t go for over an hour as the two talk about a myriad of subjects. From possible trades with the San Francisco Giants and Colorado Rockies to trying to acquire Marlon Byrd or Alex Rios. Also David and Clint praise […]


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