Pine Tar Podcast Logo 2 September 30

Pine Tar Podcast Playoff Preview w/ Oakland

David and Clint discuss the match up between the Royals and A’s in their one game Wildcard playoff. Also David talks about the excitement of Friday night and the Royals clinching their first playoff appearance since 1985. Intro includes Rany, Soren Petro and Jeffrey Flanagan. Download the Show via Stitcher, Soundcloud and the Soundcloud Phone […]

Pine Tar Podcast Logo 3 September 28

Pine Tar Podcast with Royals Toby Cook

Toby Cook, Kansas City Royals VP of Community Affairs & Publicity joined the show Sunday to breakdown the Events that will be taking place this week. Including tomorrow’s Take The Crown Rally and procedures for Tuesday and possible ticket availability.

KC Baseball Vault September 23

Kansas City Baseball Vault: Playoff Picture and Dayton Moore Speculation

Right after the Royals (finally) finished the suspended game against Cleveland and while Danny Duffy was dealing, Mike and Jeff talked about the Royals improving (or dwindling?) playoff odds in light of a near-disaster against Detroit and how the rest of the contenders shape up. Also, we discussed Dayton Moore as a candidate for Atlanta’s […]

Pine Tar Podcast Logo 2 September 23

Pine Tar Podcast with Jerry Crasnick of ESPN

Jerry Crasnick of ESPN joined the show this week to discuss his recent Ned Yost article including Yost game management, personality, past failures and the Royals chances to make the wildcard. Also in this episode David and Clint discuss the recent Dayton Moore to Atlanta rumor, the play of Sal Perez, Billy Butler, the Royals […]

Triple Play Podcast September 17

Triple Play Podcast 33 – Royals

This week we only touch on a few national stories before moving to the Royals. Chris Davis was suspended for 25 games for using Adderall. This was after he bashed players during the steroid era of baseball as illegitimate home run leaders. We also talk about the apparently invincible Angels, whose offense has been unbelievably […]

Pine Tar Podcast Logo 3 September 15

Pine Tar Podcast Omaha Championship and Royals Meltdown

In the latest episode of the Pine Tar Podcast David and Clint discuss the recent Royals Ned Yost, Aaron Crow Sunday meltdown loss. As well as some ways Ned should be using bench players and how his management style could be leading to the mental failures of the team. Also on this episode Clint discusses […]

Walkoff Talk Blue September 15

WalkOff Talk Episode 36: Blowin’ It

Episode 36 opens with the old familiar “let’s make Audra look over-sexualized and crazy,” just like old times. You’re welcome. After that, though… The Royals are down to crunchtime, and they’re blowing it. Why? What’s behind the breakdown? We’re not sure, but we’re sure we want to discuss it. We also talk Danny Duffy, and […]

KC Baseball Vault September 11

Kansas City Baseball Vault: Playoff Race Anxiety

As the season enters its final weeks, the pressure is mounting. The Royals offense has sputtered and some players are showing signs of wear. We talked about the remaining series against Detroit, the expanded rosters, tried to do some schedule math (we failed – that suspended game crosses everyone’s wires…) and talked about the impact […]

Triple Play Podcast September 09

Triple Play Podcast – Episode 32

This week, we talk about the firings of Diamond Backs’ GM Kevin Towers and Astros’ manager Bo Porter. In an unexpected move, Ron Washington quit as manager of the Texas Rangers to deal with a personal matter. The A’s continue to improve. They acquired slugger Adam Dunn from the White Sox, but they continue to […]

Walkoff Talk Orange September 08

WalkOff Talk Episode 35: Hoz, Man

Episode 35 is brought to you exclusively by the state of Kansas. Missouri had no involvement this time. Before getting into the baseball-y meat of things, Audra discusses her new dog. Ben discusses his new career opportunities and aspirations. In the feature segment, Ben and Audra discuss the imminent return of Eric Hosmer, what implications […]


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